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J I M S (Jakarta International Multilingual Services)
Sworn and Authorized Translator

Sworn translator for English, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic and Franch Language. Led by experienced sworn translator, we are ready to give you the best result for your document translation. We can help to legalize your documents also to the Ministry of Law and Human Rights and Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia, Embassy and Notary.

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(021) 302 97 650
0855 1414 444

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We serve document translation both company documents and private documents. Company documents such as company profile, deed of incorporation, agreement, Environment Impact Assesment /EIA (AMDAL), Notarial Deed, etc.


The legalizations that we serve are legalization to the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Embassy and Notary. You can read more information in the related page or you can call us.

Rate Reference

Why cost of translation looks expensive? Translator is one of profession that legalized by the government. We can look at Regulation of the Minister of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia Number 53/PMK.02 Year of 2014 that regulate unit cost of translating and typing. For more information you can read in the related page.


We give you ease of transactions. You can choose one of some options that we provide to you. Please click the page to choose the procedure that you will take.

Our Company
JIMS (Jakarta International Multilingual Services) is provider of sworn and authorized translation for English, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic and Franch Language. Led by experienced sworn translator, we will not give you service except the best for your document. You only sit at your office and our team will pick up your document and send back the document result without extra charge.

We also serve for legalization. You can contact us when you need information about your documents legalization such as the information about requirements document its accompanying, procedures, process duration, rate and others.

Don't think twice! Let call us at (021) 302 97 650 or at our mobile phone 0855 1414 444 and 0898 983 2122. You can contact us also at info@jims.co.id

All services that we give to you are fully guaranteed for your satisfaction.
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